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Maestro is an independent software company that specialises in retail business, services, wholesale trade and chained commerce in Finland. At Maestro, we believe in creating genuine partnerships with our customers. We have a profound interest in our customers’ business, and that interest drives everything we do. By working with the customer, we are continuously developing our software to meet and exceed the requirements of modern ERP systems.

Maestro’s cloud-based ERP system covers all the company’s vital needs for business management but also includes a fully integrated solution for e-commerce, CRM and POS. This unified system can replace the complicated cluster of different applications that were never designed to work together.

We offer everything in a condense package via a state-of-the-art web user interface, all of which is communicating in real-time. Our software will accelerate you towards your goals, not slow you down.

Maestro is owned by Total Specific Solutions B.V.(TSS). TSS is the leading provider of IT business solutions and consist of independent business units that deliver products and services to their specific vertical market segments. This market expertise is based on decades of experience.

TSS is part of Inc, a public company listed on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange. Inc is part of the ecosystem of Constellation Software Inc (CSI), a global provider of vertical business solutions.

Key Figures

Credit rating: AAA

Offices: 3 (Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Savonlinna)

Staff: 65

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